Innovative Startup Develops Autonomous AI for Drone Flight, Decision-Making

Eve Harrison

AI is THE hottest topic in tech today… and Stanhope AI’s work takes a unique perspective on just how smart machines can get. The startup, based in the UK, has raised £2.3mn to put the rubber to the road on its ideas. Stanhope AI uses its system, inspired by the human brain, to create an AI that can actually learn from the real world.

Stanhope states its AI DOES NOT need to be trained — like traditional models.

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

Rosalyn Moran is the company’s co-founder and CEO, and a professor of computational neuroscience. The firm’s approach is based on established neuroscience principles and has already made a huge splash. The company hopes to continue building on the successes they’ve had so far.

Stanhope AI borrows the human brain’s structure and functions to develop its own predictive models that lead to an AI that doesn’t need an extensive training process. The company relies on a specific principle from neuroscience called “active inference” to develop its artificial intelligence. This principle helps the AI make autonomous decisions using real-time visual input from the world around it. This is a huge deal because it’s different from how traditional AI models work, which need mountains of data to be trained for specific tasks. Stanhope AI’s AI is also different from others because of the significant engineering hurdles they’ve overcome.

TF Summary: What’s Next

The startup already has its AI in testing aboard drones. This marks a significant step forward for the technology, given the difficulties the company has faced in moving from smaller to larger models capable of navigating more extensive and complex terrains. Furthermore, Moran indicates that Stanhope AI’s AI model is standard-setting for the industry because it’s stopping AI “hallucinations — AI that acts erratically and unpredictably as it strays from its training data.

Moran explains that the company is laser-focused on making sure its AI models can operate and adapt effectively in the world around them, a far cry from theoretical models. What’s more, instead of being a “black box,” Stanhope AI’s AI are “white box” models, offering unparalleled transparency into their decision-making process. The company looks poised to transform the way we use AI and robotics in the real world.

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