Haize Labs is Using Algorithms to Jailbreak Leading AI Models


Regular readers of VentureBeat will know that there is a burgeoning scene of people racing to jailbreak the latest and greatest AI models from tech companies such as OpenAI, Anthropic, Mistral, Google, Meta, and others.

What’s the goal of these jailbreakers? To prompt AI models in ways that cause them to violate their built-in safeguards and produce NSFW content, even dangerous outputs — everything from detailed instructions on how to manufacture meth and bioweapons to nonconsensual porn to violent, gory imagery. In fact, we interviewed one such jailbreaker — who goes by the pseudonym “Pliny the Prompter” and @elderplinius on X — not too long ago.

The startup was covered in The Washington Post and it offers what it calls the “Haize Suite,” or haizing suite, which its CEO Leonard Tang tells VentureBeat is essentially a collection of algorithms specifically designed to probe large language models (LLMs) like those that power ChatGPT and Claude for weaknesses.

Unlike Pliny the Prompter, the prolific LLM jailbreaker who chooses to remain pseudonymous, the founders of Haize Labs have come forward to reveal themselves as Tang, Richard Liu and Steve Li — all formerly classmates together at Harvard University, according to Tang.

VentureBeat recently had the opportunity to interview Tang over email about Haize Labs and what it offers to companies. In the course of the questioning, Hang revealed Haize Labs already counts among its growing list of clients Anthropic, which just released its newest model Claude 3.5 Sonnet today, taking the crown from OpenAI’s GPT-4o to become the most intelligent model in the world. Read on for more about the company’s genesis and approach to AI safety.

The following interview has been lightly edited for style and grammar:

VentureBeat: What is your name, age, location, and occupation? Who are you and what do you do for money and for your hobbies?

Leonard Tang: I’m Leonard Tang, age 22, freshly graduated from undergrad (Harvard). I’m the founder and CEO of Haize Labs, based in NYC 🙂

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