HACK! Google Engineers “Enable” PlayStation Portal to Play Emulated Games

Sophia Rodriguez

Sony PlayStation Portal Surprises as PS5 Games Streamer

The PlayStation Portal has become a surprise hit for Sony, with the portable peripheral often out of stock and difficult to come by. Despite only streaming games from the PlayStation 5, it has proven to be quite popular.

Some enterprising Google engineers have made progress for PS Portal users. They set out to get a PlayStation Portable emulator, PPSSPP, to run natively on the device. Lo and behold! An image has surfaced online showing Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories running on the system. According to engineer Andy Nguyen, no hardware modifications were required for the emulator to function, suggesting that it took over a month to complete the project.

Nguyen, who has uncovered PS4 and PS5 exploits in the past, has teased potential plans to further detail the PPSSPP process or possibly create a jailbreak for others to install the emulator. Although no release is currently scheduled, Nguyen may post videos demonstrating the emulator’s capabilities this weekend.

The excitement around the Portal indicates that players are eager for expanded functionality. Currently, the device does not support streaming games from Sony’s cloud gaming service. These demands could push Sony to consider creating a handheld successor to the PSP and the Vita, meeting the needs of passionate fans.

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