Google’s New Pixel 8 Faces Limitations Running Latest AI Models (According to Ars Technica)

Joseph Adebayo

AI in Google’s Pixel 8 series phones does not live up to the company’s claims. The latest models, including the Pixel 8, lack Google’s new AI model, Gemini, while high-end phones like the Pixel 8 Pro and Samsung S24 do have it. That’s surprising, as both models run the same software and a custom chip that Google has marketed as specifically built for AI.

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

Gemini, which Google introduced with much fanfare recently, comes in different sizes, with the smallest—Gemini Nano—designed for smartphones as an “on-device AI.” Strangely, it’s available only for a select range of devices. When Google launched the Pixel 8 series five months ago, Google boasted about the phones’ AI capabilities. The company even claimed that their AI-enabled phones are unmatched in the industry.

Google’s public statements about the Pixel 8 seem confusing, leaving consumers puzzled about the differences between the two models and which one comes with better AI. While Google offers some insights into Gemini Nano’s capabilities, it’s unclear why it matters. Many features, powered by Gemini Nano, are already available in other apps, raising questions about the necessity of Google’s AI model.

What’s Next

While the Gemini model is making its mark on high-end devices, the absence of the AI model in Pixel 8 raises concerns among consumers, especially regarding Google’s promise to provide long-term OS updates. This situation is a disappointment for Pixel 8 users and leaves them uncertain about the future of their devices.

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