Gamers are already in Possession of Certain GeForce RTX 4070 Ti/4080 SUPER Cards –

Adam Carter

The new NVIDIA RTX 4070 Ti SUPER and RTX 4080 SUPER cards have began shipping before their official release. Despite the embargo set by NVIDIA, not everyone is following the standards. A Reddit user, named “LightMoisture,” claims to have purchased one of the cards just two days before the official release which he soon discovered was not supported by publicly available drivers. Undeterred, he proceeded to test the card in synthetic benchmarks and found that it worked surprisingly well.

Currently, the new drivers for this card are expected to release on the same day of the official release. People who have purchased these new SUPER GPUs are resorting to using modded drivers, official drivers that lack gaming support, or seeking help from reviewers who have already obtained the necessary drivers.

The PNY RTX 4070 Ti SUPER and the RTX 4080 SUPER cards are amongst the cards already shipping. Although not officially released, expectations for these new cards are high. The Reddit user mentioned earlier tested the card and claims that in the Cinebench benchmark, the RTX 4070 Ti scores 27097 points making it appear to be 21% faster than RTX 4070 SUPER. In the V-Ray GPU benchmarks, the RTX 4070 Ti SUPER appears to be 12% to 14% faster than RTX 4070 Ti. Additionally, GPU-Z software is already compatible with the latest SUPER cards.

Overall, the RTX 4070 Ti SUPER is set to launch on January 24, with a scheduled driver release on the same day. Reviews for this card are expected from various sources as the launch date approaches. Despite some problems with drivers and software, the card has performed well in these early tests.

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