Ford Embraces GM as Potential Rival in Formula 1

Eve Harrison

Ford is preparing to debut in Formula 1 in 2026 and is keen to see its American rival, General Motors, join the competition. This comes after GM, under its Cadillac brand, was denied by Formula One Management (FOM) to expand the current F1 grid from 10 teams to 11.

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

Ford is pushing to give Andretti and Cadillac a chance. Ford’s endorsement was immediately embraced by General Motors President, Mark Reuss. Now, there’s potential with recent meetings that FOM will reconsider the application in 2028 when General Motors has a competitive engine.

Ford’s global director, Mark Rushbrook, is eager to welcome General Motors into the sport and is hopeful that there will be an opportunity for both companies to compete in the future. Ford does not presently compete in IndyCar, while Chevrolet has the top eight spots in Sunday’s starting lineup for the Indianapolis 500.

Rushbrook was also complimentary of how seamless both the FIA and FOM made its 2023 announcement to join F1 with Red Bull. In stark contrast, General Motors and Andretti have been going through a different experience. There were criticisms of Andretti trying to expand the grid and dilute revenue for the existing teams, which led to several disputes.

TF Summary: What’s Next

Therefore, a big question remains: Will General Motors be able to join Formula 1 in the future? Stay tuned.

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