Exciting New Xbox Hardware Coming for Holiday 2024, Microsoft Announces

Joseph Adebayo

New Xbox Hardware To Be Announced or Released Holiday 2024

Microsoft may be gearing up for some sort of Xbox hardware refresh later this year, following the announcement on the Official Xbox Podcast from Sarah Bond confirming the team’s hardware plans for Holiday 2024.

What We Know So Far

With thousands of creators hard at work building content for Xbox, new hardware is in the pipeline that will be shared during the holiday season. Speculation is driven by other sources that new console and controller options are slated to arrive.

Speculations on New Hardware

While some are expecting a new Series X refresh, others remain hopeful for new console and controller revisions. Many are eager to see the new controller and are anxious to know whether we’ll have to wait until the year’s end for it. Others hope for a new handheld that can run games locally and want a device that will play the actual Xbox library, as opposed to Windows-powered systems.

Expectations for the Holiday Release

Not everybody is convinced that a Pro console is in the works, though the anticipation for the Series X All-Digital Edition is running high. Many have voiced concerns about the lack of new and exciting games for the Xbox Game Pass and are eager for the latest hardware update.

t/f Summary

Eager Xbox fans can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Xbox platform and have many questions about the potential release of new hardware this holiday season. As we wait for an official announcement from Microsoft, many are hoping for a chance to upgrade and are feeling optimistic.

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