Empowering Women in Artificial Intelligence: The Game-Changers

Z Patel
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“We’re Shining a Light on the Powerful Women Leading the AI Revolution!”

Our friends at TechCrunch are sharing interviews that recognize and celebrate the remarkable contributions of women in AI’s development. Their mission is to highlight the key work of groundbreaking women and create visibility and recognition for the crucial roles they play in the AI revolution.

Key Women You Should Know

Their series features interviews with notable women:

  • Irene Solaiman, head of global policy at Hugging Face
  • Eva Maydell, member of European Parliament and EU AI Act advisor
  • Lee Tiedrich, AI expert at the Global Partnership on AI
  • Rashida Richardson, senior counsel at Mastercard focusing on AI and privacy
  • Krystal Kauffman, research fellow at the Distributed AI Research Institute
  • Amba Kak, creating policy recommendations to address AI concerns
  • Miranda Bogen, creating solutions to help govern AI
  • Mutale Nkonde’s nonprofit, working to make AI less biased
  • Sarah Kreps, professor of government at Cornell
  • Sandra Watcher, professor of data ethics at Oxford

Gender Gap & Disparity

Recent articles about AI’s growth continue to overlook the contributions of women — as often done in other fields of study. Women continue to experience wage disparity,  male judgment, discrimination, and lack of representation in leadership positions in the field. Sarah Antwerpes, a leadership coach and entrepreneur states, “Women can save the world!”  In AI development and practices, women are more likely to strive to improve societal, ethical, and political concerns than their counterparts.

t/f Summary: What’s Next

We hope that TechCrunch’s series on accomplished women in AI will bring more recognition to women’s contributions and help move the needle in the right direction. The amazing women profiled share many suggestions for those wishing to grow and evolve the AI field for the better, and a common thread runs through it: strong mentorship, commitment, and leading by example.

“Change won’t happen overnight, but every revolution begins with a small step.”

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