Chinese Facebook accounts pretending to be US military families get taken down by Meta

Adam Carter

Meta has removed a network of phony accounts posing as US military families and protesters against war. The company’s security researchers confirmed that these fraudulent accounts were on platforms like Facebook and Instagram and originated from China. In its most recent report, Meta specified that it shut down 33 fake Facebook accounts, four bogus Instagram profiles, six phony Facebook pages, and six fraudulent Facebook groups.

The fake accounts frequently shared content about US military subjects and expressed criticism against US foreign policy regarding Taiwan, Israel, and Ukraine. This network also existed on YouTube and Medium, where it spread a petition supposedly authored by Americans disapproving of the US’s support for Taiwan. The researchers determined that these fake accounts came from China but were unable to pinpoint a specific group responsible for setting up the accounts. Company’s global threat intelligence lead Ben Nimmo shed light on the emerging trend of Chinese influence operations, noting a significant increase over the last year. In response, Meta has removed 10 CIB networks from China since 2017, six of which were deleted in the last year alone. Notably, in the previous summer, thousands of counterfeit accounts hoping to spread pro-China messages were discovered and removed by the company.

Despite these attempts, these fake accounts have had limited success in their messages. Meta revealed that the fraudulent network only reached 3,000 Facebook accounts and that the two Instagram pages had no followers when they were taken down. Nevertheless, Meta’s researchers warned that such attempts are likely to continue as the 2024 election draws closer. They advised individuals with large audiences to be cautious of sharing unverified information, as CIB networks often co-opt public figures and influencers to reach wider audiences. In preparation for major elections, they emphasized the importance of reputable opinion-makers exercising care before sharing unverified information to avoid amplifying deceptive messages.

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