Bye, Bye, Bye… Microsoft Teams Connectors Are Being Eliminated

Eve Harrison

Microsoft is retiring Office 365 connectors within Teams — a seemingly unpopular decision among enterprise and business users. With just a few months’ notice, users must transition to Power Automate workflows. With the users’ reactions, why execute this change?

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

From 15 August 2024, users can no longer create connectors in any cloud environment. These connectors are considered instrumental to integrating various workflows into Teams channels. Microsoft recommends that users transition to Power Automate workflows to ensure their integrations remain operational and secure. The company argues that Power Automate provides more secure, scalable solution for business needs.

Reactions & Impact

The announcement has been met with rising backlash. Users have and continue to express dissatisfaction through various channels created by the connectors’ retirement. Here are some leading points from the user feedback:

  • Short Notice: Many users are unhappy with the three-month notice period, which includes peak holiday months, making the transition even more challenging.
  • Inconvenience: Users have reported the added complexity and time required to switch to Power Automate, with some describing the move as a “greedy cash grab.”
  • Spam Issues: Microsoft’s implementation of SPAM messages on every webhook post, reminding users of the impending shutdown, has added to the frustration.
Connectors are vital components that bridges Teams’ services to other productivity software. Credit: microsoft.

The retirement of connectors affects a wide range of workflows within enterprises. These connectors have been used to:

  • Post updates from ticketing platforms.
  • Send CI/CD system notifications.
  • Alert teams about new tickets or monitoring issues.

The transition to Power Automate requires significant effort and time, disrupting daily operations and causing inconvenience.

TF Summary: What’s Next

Microsoft’s decision to retire Office 365 connectors within Teams has generated considerable customer backlash. The short notice period coupled with the necessity to transition to Power Automate workflows are major points of contention. Enterprises must explore alternative solutions and adapt their workflows to ensure seamless operations.

Check-in with Microsoft for further updates. TF is monitoring how Microsoft addresses customers’ sentiments, mitigates disruptions and maintains productivity.

  • End of Connector Creation: From August 15, 2024, no new Office 365 connectors can be created in any cloud environment.
  • Total Shutdown: By October 1, 2024, all existing connectors will be deactivated, leaving users without a crucial tool for integrating services.

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