Big Tech Takes Stand Against Election Deepfakes with Voluntary Pledge

Eve Harrison
Deepfake or Deep Fake Concept as a symbol for misrepresenting or identity theft or faking identification and misrepresentation in a 3D illustration style.

Tech Giant Join Forces to Battle Election-Related Deepfakes

At the Munich Security Conference, major tech companies including Meta, Microsoft, and Google have committed to fighting AI-generated deepfakes aimed at deceiving voters. Thirteen additional companies and platforms such as TikTok and Snap have joined this initiative by signing an accord. These companies have vowed to detect and label political deepfakes and prevent their spread, all while ensuring transparency with their users.

While critics may view this accord as more of a symbolic gesture, the signing companies have emphasized the importance of working together to safeguard the integrity of elections worldwide. Currently, the U.S. has no federal law banning deepfakes, but states such as Minnesota have enacted legislation targeting deepfakes used for political purposes. Additionally, federal agencies are making efforts to combat the proliferation of deepfakes by modifying existing regulations.

The European Union is also taking steps to regulate deepfake content. Despite these efforts, data from Clarity suggests that the number of created deepfakes has increased dramatically in the past year. There have been concerning instances where AI-generated audio recordings have impersonated political figures. Recent polls indicate growing concerns about the spread of misleading audio and video deepfakes, suggesting that deepfakes could pose a significant challenge to the integrity of future elections.

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