Bento Jot: A modern stationery set shaped like a Japanese lunchbox and containing writing tools

Eve Harrison

Discover the Bento Jot, a modern stationary set designed to enhance your creative journey from your desk. This 3-layer bento box design features the Øver layer, Mid layer, and Base layer, each holding various writing tools. The mid layer includes a vegan leather carrying case for convenient storage and portability. The set also includes 12 exclusive desk tools such as the Monograph Journal and Aluminum pen, all of which are made from premium materials to provide a satisfying tactile experience.

With a focus on minimizing plastic waste, the Bento Jot uses less plastic than most stationary kits on the market. In addition to its functional design, the set boasts a stylish Scandinavian emotive design to elevate your workspace and provide a unique user experience.

Support is available for the Bento Jot in a bit way. The modern stationary set aims to create a supportive environment for creative ideas to flourish at your desk. With an offer of $79 from the original price of $140, the bento box design is a reliable space to store writing tools.

Bento Jot’s 3-layer bento box design manages to be both distinctly stylish and practical since it includes 12, vegan leather carrying case desk tools and with a less plastic makeup. Created exclusively for the Bento Jot, these writing tools incorporate high-quality materials, such as the Monograph Journal and Aluminum pen, and focus on sustainability. With its stylish Scandinavian emotive design, it provides a one-of-a-kind experience for your workspace. The Bento Jot modern stationary set includes 12 writing tools and a 3-layer bento box design. This 3-layer bento box design is made up of the Øver layer, Mid layer, and Base layer. The set also includes a vegan leather carrying case with 12 desk tools, such as the Monograph Journal and Aluminum Pen. The set’s premium materials and minimal use of plastic contribute to its stylish look and provides a sustainable and tactile writing experience.

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