Apple’s Siri Set to “Get Smart” via Advanced AI Upgrades

Z Patel

Apple is soon expected to introduce new AI technology to Siri. The Bloomberg report hints at a virtual voice assistant’s total transformation, powered by advanced artificial intelligence.

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

The update could mean that users will be able to control app features using only their voice. Other exciting details suggest that Siri will have the capacity to control all the features within apps. This change necessitates a major software overhaul. The software upgrade will integrate large language models and Aurora, signaling Apple’s strong recommitment to AI innovation. The company plans on processing more basic AI tasks within devices, leaving advanced functions to cloud computing technology.

Apple might be unveiling this potential Siri AI at the upcoming June 10-14 Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple’s push to expand its AI involvement has been hinted at by CEO Tim Cook and SVP Greg Joswiak. Additionally, Apple plans to release its Macbooks equipped with AI-focused M4 chips. The company has been in talks with OpenAI for several months to consider using generative AI features within the iPhone.

TF Summary: What’s Next

TF will report about any potential upgrades because Apple has yet to confirm any of this. Overall, this development indicates Apple’s intensified efforts to integrate AI technology into their ecosystem. Check back for more information about Apple’s AI journey during the WWDC, starting June 10!

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