European Startups Making Deep Investments in Portable, Powerful Batteries

Joseph Adebayo

The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) engineers no longer need a diesel generator to do welding on the railway track. Instead, they use a portable battery made by Instagrid, a German startup. This silent, emissions-free battery offers the power needed for welding, lighting, and measuring tools.

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

Instagrid’s CEO, Andreas Sedlmayr, reveals that the company excels in power density. The startup also announced a Series C funding round worth $95 million, revealing plans to expand into the North American market. One of Instagrid’s products, the Instagrid ONE, weighs 20 kg and can provide 2.1kWh, while the Instagrid LINK can attach to the ONE and increase the total capacity to 6.3kWh. The company has another offering scheduled for release by 2025 called the Instagrid MOVE, a massive 249kWh battery on wheels. Instagrid has developed software that controls how the batteries discharge power to improve energy output and prevent overheating.

Another company in the UK, Allye Energy Ltd., foresees its new offering, Allye Max, as a potential solution for film and TV crews, construction teams, mining operations, or even stationary applications for businesses aiming to cut energy costs. Allye Max batteries have the potential to save users over 50% of their electricity costs. The batteries also offer the option for an energy storage-as-a-service model, where customers can subscribe on a monthly basis. The Allye Max can also bypass the difficulties associated with grid connections, which is a significant barrier to electric vehicle and aircraft charging stations and renewables infrastructure such as solar panels in the UK. The battery solution enables users to store energy from the grid on a lower power output.

Breakthrough Batteries - RMI
Breakthrough batteries and associated technologies. Credit RMI

TF Summary: What’s Next

While portable and transportable batteries like the Instagrid MOVE and Allye Max would appeal to those who want to live off-grid or require backup power, other technologies such as flow batteries could be more cost-effective for high power requirements.

In terms of industry appeal, businesses that highly value lasting, uninterrupted power would be willing to invest in solutions like Instagrid and Allye’s for enclosed battery options.

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