t/f Review: 15W ESR Qi2 Wireless Car Charger

Li Nguyen

The ESR Qi2 car charger, unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, promises to keep your iPhone charged while on the go. Targeted towards individuals with busy, tech-savvy lifestyles, this product is the first of many new items being introduced by ESR.

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

What sets the ESR Qi2 car charger apart is a 15W fast charging capability. 15W ensures that iPhone 13 (and newer) quickly power-up no matter where you are. Whether its a daily commute or a road trip, this charger guarantees that your phone’s battery is full — fast.

Speed isn’t the charger’s only advantage. It also includes a strong magnetic attachment system to keep your phone secure. ESR says the state-of-the-art, 3-point vent mount, and support arm keep the charger in place, Select air vent or dashboard mount — your iPhone is secure.  The charger also features an adjustable ball joint, allowing you to tilt-n-rotate to right angle for viewing.  Orientation supports both portrait and landscape modes for the IPhone.

t/f Summary: Yea or Nay

The ESR Qi2 car charger is priced at $36. Qi2 is the first in a lineup of new ESR charging solutions. Expect more 3-in-1 charging stands for multiple devices, a travel charger, a portable power bank, and a wearable charging set. This suite of products aims to ensure that your devices are always powered.

The ESR Qi2 car charger is designed with iPhone users in mind, offering a fast, secure, and adaptable charging solution. With more innovative products on the horizon, ESR is dedicated to enhancing the mobile experience with high-quality accessories. Keep an eye out for these new releases to stay charged and connected any time, any place.

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