How AI Will Improve the Employee Experience

In today’s evolving world of work, strong employee experience is one of the key contributors to business success. Organizations that invest in employee experience build a stronger employer brand, which helps them attract and retain the best talents. According to Qualtrics, only 64% of employees intend to stay at their current organizations, down from 70% in 2021.

This shows that organizations have a long way to go to optimize the employee experience to get more workers to stay with them. Fortunately, advanced technology is available to take the employee experience to the next level.

This article examines how to use AI for employee experience to boost engagement and create a better workplace environment.

Why Employee Experience Matters

How crucial is the employee experience to the success of an organization? Can you ignore the employee experience and still expect to thrive in this day and age?

Definitely not! Organizations that use AI for employee experience understand that the business landscape is very competitive and you need your employees to operate at their best to succeed.

Below are the key scenarios that make investing in the employee experience a wise decision for your organization.


Organizations with a strong employer brand find it easy to attract talent. You create a strong employer brand that increases your hiring competitiveness by prioritizing the employee experience from the onboarding phase to the exit interview.

Employee Retention

Employee turnover is very expensive. Not only are you losing talented individuals who perform critical tasks in the organization, but you’re also losing the investment you made to train and equip them with the right skills for the job.

A positive employee experience is one of the factors that influence employee retention and prioritizing it increases the chances of your best employees staying with you.

Employee Engagement

A superior employee experience is the key to ensuring your employees are engaged. An engaged workforce is motivated to accomplish their goals, thereby increasing the organization’s overall productivity.

Customer Satisfaction

Happy employees often translate into happy customers. Engaged employees provide the best services to customers, leading to greater customer experience and loyalty.

Increased Productivity

Companies that are committed to enhancing the employee experience often experience a significant boost in productivity. This is because employees who are happy at work are willing to go above and beyond, resulting in higher output, improved quality of work, and increased efficiency.

How to Use AI for Employee Experience

Artificial intelligence is a powerful technology that will help you improve your operations when implemented correctly. Below are the top ways to use AI for employee experience.

1. Provide Enhanced Customer Support

The traditional form of customer support places significant strain on your employees. This format requires customer support staff to respond promptly to all questions, issues, and concerns raised by customers.

This can be pretty overwhelming to your employees, especially during busy periods like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. Your dedicated team may find themselves exhausted from repeatedly addressing the same inquiries from excited customers who expect instant responses.

AI tools for customer support, like chatbots, can help you lift this burden off your staff to enhance the employee experience. You can create a chatbot to handle routine customer queries and provide quick solutions through AI commenting.

This move not only lightens the load on your employees but also ensures efficient customer service, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Fin by Intercom is an excellent example of an AI chatbot you can use for seamless customer support. The tool uses sophisticated language models to provide conversational answers to customer queries.

When not in a position to answer a question, it escalates the issue to a human agent to ensure customers get the support they need.

screenshot form Intercom app
IMAGE: Intercom

Besides Fin, you can consider other AI chatbots for customer support. Here’s a comprehensive list of the best AI chatbots by Attrock that you can use to streamline your customer support and enhance the employee experience.

2. Assistance in Quality Content Creation

To stay relevant and showcase your expertise, you’ll have to create a lot of content. Customers conduct extensive research before making a purchase and you want your content to be a valuable resource as they shop for the products you sell.

This demand for content places a significant strain on your employees who not only have to brainstorm relevant ideas but also create high-quality content that resonates with your target audience.

This burden can lead to burnout, decreased creativity, and a drop in overall productivity. Fortunately, there’s a way to use AI for employee experience in this regard.

By providing your employees with appropriate AI content marketing tools, they can create more high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

Some of the ways your employees can use AI content tools to increase productivity include:

  • Repurposing content: After creating a blog post, your content team can use an AI writing tool to repurpose the article into concise posts for social media.
  • Video content generation: Rather than spending hours creating videos from scratch, your digital marketers can use AI-text video-generators to create simple marketing videos in seconds.
  • Content optimization: AI tools can analyze your content for SEO and make suggestions to make it more discoverable for search engines.

Such AI content tools allow your employees to get more work done quickly. This increases their productivity and contributes to a better employee experience.

3. Automate Onboarding

Another effective way to use AI for employee experience is through automated onboarding software. The onboarding process sets the tone for the employee experience for new hires and plays a pivotal role in their long-term satisfaction and productivity.

During this process, the HR must work with the new hire to offer job-specific training, complete tasks, and integrate them into the company culture.

Without the right tools, the onboarding process is often slow and inefficient, leading to delayed productivity and frustrated new hires.

AI allows you to streamline this process to ensure new employees have the support they need to settle into their new roles. Automated onboarding allows you to add specific tasks to a queue and automatically trigger the next event to move the process quickly.

The tools also allow you to customize your onboarding process to individual employees to make new hires feel valued and boost their engagement.

4. Facilitate Learning and Skill Honing

You can also use AI for employee experience by leveraging AI-powered tools to analyze employee performance and offer personalized learning recommendations.

Considering that continuous skill acquisition encourages professional growth, employees want the organizations they work for to provide them with appropriate learning opportunities to help them achieve their career goals.

However, data from a Qualtrics survey shows that only 64% of employees believe their career goals can be met at their current organizations.

To build a stronger employer brand and retain top talent, use AI learning tools to recommend relevant courses that help your employees sharpen their skills in a particular area. This will make it easy for your employees to achieve their career goals, boosting the employee experience.

5. Smart Talent Management

Lastly, organizations can use AI for employee experience to optimize their workplace talent. AI tools can analyze employee data and identify employees who are best suited for a particular task based on past job performance.

This will ensure tasks are assigned to employees with the right skills and experience, thus improving workplace productivity. It also identifies employees who are ready for promotion, enabling you to execute employee recognition and reward performance the right way.


Artificial intelligence is a powerful technology that offers numerous opportunities to improve business processes. Leveraging AI for employee experience is a transformative approach that can foster a more productive and supportive work environment.

From streamlined customer support to optimized talent management, AI opens up many avenues for organizations to use technology to boost employee satisfaction. To use this technology effectively, assess your employee needs and find the right AI tool that solves the challenge you’re facing quickly and efficiently.

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