Tesla Cybertruck Engineer Confirms: Stainless Steel Resists Rusting

Adam Carter

Can Tesla Cybertruck Rust or Not? A Tesla Engineer Comments

The Tesla Cybertruck, praised for its innovative design and electric-powered features, has come under scrutiny due to reports of early rusting on its stainless steel exterior. However, lead engineer Wes Morrill has assured owners that these concerns are unwarranted.

The Issue: Surface Rust

Despite some Cybertruck owners noticing rust-colored spots after exposure to rain, Morrill explains that the stainless steel can react to form surface iron particles that appear as rust. This reaction is merely surface contamination and can be easily cleaned off, emphasizing the vehicle’s durability and corrosion resistance.

Comparison to Traditional Paint Finishes

Supporting Morrill’s perspective, Tesla enthusiasts point out that similar problems can occur in vehicles with traditional paint finishes, despite being easier to remedy. Photos of the issue side by side with a painted vehicle can help to question the accuracy of the MSM coverage, highlighting the issue as surface contamination rather than structural damage.

Morrill further emphasizes Tesla’s stainless steel’s superior corrosion resistance compared to marine-grade variants. This indicates that the Cybertruck is not plagued by premature rust issues, but rather deals with a cosmetic inconvenience.

For those who prefer a worry-free solution, Tesla offers a urethane-based color paint film wrap in various shades to cover the surface rust-like spots. These spots are attributed to airborne contaminants that oxidize upon contact with water, presenting an aesthetic concern rather than a structural one.

Unique Issues

The rust-like spots on the Cybertruck’s stainless steel exterior are distinct from the earlier reports of rust on Tesla’s Model 3 sedans and appear to be relatively uncommon. This distinction highlights the unique nature of the issue and its separation from structural concerns.

The surface rust issue on the Tesla Cybertruck is a cosmetic concern and does not indicate structural damage. The vehicle’s superior corrosion resistance and the availability of an aesthetic solution reflect the innovative approach to addressing this minor inconvenience.

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