Adobe launches AI Assistant that Summarizes PDFs

Abode launches AI assistant that can summarize PDFs

Adobe has launched an AI-powered assistant in Reader and Acrobat. The AI assistant can summarize long documents and answer questions related to the PDF.

This AI assistant will help you get an overview of the content in the document, as stated by the company. The AI assistant is capable of answering questions regarding the content in a conversational interface and also suggests questions that can be asked by the users.

According to Adobe, The AI assistant can also allow users to verify the source of the AI assistant’s answer to a question and the text can be shared in the format of emails, presentations, and reports.

Notably, the AI Assistant can be used in all formats of documents including PowerPoint, Word, meeting transcripts, etc. The AI Assistant feature in Reader and Acrobat is regulated by data security protocols, and any customer document content is stored or used for training purposes of AI Assistant without their consent.

The AI assistant may unlock new value from the information for over three trillion PDFs worldwide, as stated by the company.

Currently, the beta version of the Adobe AI Assistant is available on Acrobat. The AI Assistant feature will be available on Acrobat Reader in the upcoming days. Abode is also planning a subscription plan in the coming days for the Reader and Acrobat users. The beta version is freely available to Acrobat Standard/Pro Individual and Teams subscribers in English on desktop and web.

Moreover, the new AI assistant of Adobe applies the fundamental foundation of Acrobat Liquid Mode that is based on the same AI and machine learning models. The Acrobat Liquid Mode operates on a technology that allows a hassle-free readability experience for PDFs on the phone. The Abode model offers an understanding of the PDF by ensuring the quality generated by the AI assistant.


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